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Tunisia Trips: Cheap flights and travel to Tunisia.

Tunisia Trips
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Tunisia Trips: Cheap flights and travel to Tunisia

Dear reader, we have opened this blog to give you the opportunity to get everything related to Tunisian tourism and in one site all the information that lets you organize your travel to this beautiful African country. This travel portal is made of the need to merge the interaction with information. Thus, we present this blog to give you the tools to tell you about everything related to travel and also invite you to participate with your comments, recommendations, tips etc.

This country is known for its rich culture. In your travel you will find wonderful monuments and interesting architecture. The Tunisian Republic, is located in Africa, on the north coast of the Mediterranean Sea. This country offers the traveler great beaches, valleys, deserts.

The cities most visited by tourists are Tunisia (capital), Carthage, a city of the eighth century BC; Djerba known for its spectacular architecture, Nabeul, famous for its handicrafts, Tozeur, an oasis of excellence in Tunis, Hammamet, to enjoy beautiful days Beach, Sousse, metropolitan university founded by the Phoenicians, Kairouan, known as The Great Mosque and the Mosque of the Three Doors, a must visit places.

In this portal we have information and links relevant to travel, flights, hotels, restaurants, monuments and more. Let yourself be seduced by its culture, cities, people, art, food, parties ... and leaving you with the feeling to come back for more.

Enjoy your trip to this fascinating culture and on your way back share your experience with us!





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